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Florida Sex Offender Laws Are Too Harsh

Florida’s sex offender laws are too harsh. For a person who has to register they are in a terrible position of trying to understand the byzantine sets of rules. For example, a person could go to register at Miami Dade PD headquarters. Then that information of forwarded to the new municipality of residence. The police in that new municipality may have its own more restrictive rules. So after a person has spent the money to move and theoretically done the right thing by registering they could still be in violation. Except by that time they may have spent all their money moving.

Miami Sexual Assault Allegations at Salon

In sexual assault cases accusations alone, testimonial evidence, can be enough to allow the state to file charges on a case such as this. The determination will be made by the State Attorney’s Office if they find the complaining witness credible. It is unclear from the article if there is any physical evidence to corroborate the claims of the alleged victim.

Sexual Crimes Still Need To Be Proven

The fact that a woman claimed that she had been raped and then recanted doesn’t prove that all women lie about being raped. It also doesn’t bolster positions that women are seeking an status for being raped. What it does show is that it is possible that someone who accuses someone of a sexual crimes may lie. The prosecuting authority has to prove each case beyond a reasonable doubt. Issues such as credibility of the witness have to taken into consideration.

Hard for people accused of crimes to get a fair trial

If you read this article it raises a good point that needs to be further examined. If someone who is a self proclaimed liberal has a hard time being objective about crime after they have been a victim can they ever be a fair juror in a criminal trial? Is a coercive question from a judge or prosecutor asking the prospective juror if they can be fair and impartial really getting to the bottom of that person’s prejudices. Its worth thinking about.

Miami Dade PD Video Recording Interviews

Big deal that Miami Dade PD is doing this. No reason that these should not be recorded. It’s the 21st Century. The technology to record is readily available and cheap. I am surprised that police departments don’t record all interviews with subjects of investigation. It’s a great first step to do this in homicide investigations.

Judicial Witch Hunts

I remember when I was growing up in the 1980’s that this was something we were all afraid of. It’s amazing when everyone in the media starts to believe that same thing how it can affect innocent people.