Hollywood Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence in Florida refers to any assault, battery, sexual assault or other offense committed by a family member against another family or household member that results in physical injury or death. This includes a current or former spouse, a child or other blood relation, persons who are currently or formerly residing together, or parents who have a child in common regardless of whether they were ever married or lived together.

Depending upon the circumstances involved in the incident, the severity of any injuries, the evidence compiled against the accused and other factors, domestic assault cases can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Either way, it is important to enlist the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who will protect your rights.

Knowledgeable Criminal Defense When You Face Domestic Violence Charges

At Magilligan Law in Hollywood, I advocate for individuals who face charges of domestic assault, battery or a related charge. As a former prosecutor with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, I have seen firsthand how the heightened awareness of family violence and domestic abuse in the United States has resulted in Florida aggressively pursuing maximum penalties in these cases.

“With his knowledge of the judicial system, Mr. Magilligan provided me with excellent representation and obtained a deal for me that was hard to turn down. Although I made a horrible mistake, Mr. Magilligan helped me to not allow it to ruin my future.”
— A past client

Unfortunately, individuals who are wrongly accused or who were involved in a heated argument that did not get physical become victims of this aggressive prosecution. If you face domestic assault or battery charges, it is important to enlist the services of a Miami domestic violence lawyer who can protect your rights.

The long-term consequences of conviction of domestic violence charges are dramatic. Among other things, a sentence cannot be sealed or expunged from your record. If you face domestic abuse charges, the smart step is to contact me before you do anything else. I will review the facts of your case, provide a candid assessment and recommend the best steps to take.