Hollywood Expungement Lawyer

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement allows certain individuals to remove an arrest from their record in a process known as expungement. An alternative known as “sealing” a record limits access to law enforcement authorities and other government officials.

Sealing or expunging a record is an effective means of correcting a wrongful arrest or a poor decision you may have made earlier in life. It creates increased opportunities for you in terms of education, employment and volunteer work. If you have chosen a career that requires a state license, expungement provides you the confidence that you can apply for it without revealing a past arrest.

Florida has automatic expunction of a juvenile record at age 24 or 26, depending upon prior history and arrest or conviction as an adult.

There are limitations on who qualifies to have a record sealed or expunged in Florida. It is smart to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the laws and who can help you navigate the process. At Magilligan Law in Hollywood, I have helped a number of individuals successfully seal or expunge an arrest record.

Who Qualifies?

In most cases, a person who has not been adjudicated guilty (convicted) as an adult may qualify for sealing or expunging a record. It is important to note, however, that Florida law allows an individual to seal or expunge a record only once in his or her lifetime.

Some crimes are prohibited from being sealed, including domestic violence, child abuse, acts of fraud and offenses that require sexual predator registration. You do not qualify to have an arrest record sealed or expunged if you have been found guilty, or if you pled guilty or no contest and have a withhold of adjudication on any of these crimes. We can review your situation and let you know if you are able to petition for sealing or expungement.

A Miami-Dade County Expungement Lawyer Who Provides Personal Attention

The cost of an expungement varies depending upon the complexity of your case. As with other criminal defense cases I handle, I will commit to a flat fee upfront. You will not pay anything until it is confirmed that you are eligible to have your record sealed or expunged.

Call or email me to schedule a free consultation. I will review your situation and tell you if expungement or sealing is possible.