Hollywood Telemarketing Fraud Lawyer

Due to increased telephone scams and other instances of fraud in recent years, federal and Florida law enforcement authorities are aggressively investigating and prosecuting fraud schemes, including telemarketing fraud. The crackdown has resulted in a number of legitimate businesses and entrepreneurs being investigated for — and charged with — telemarketing fraud.

At Magilligan Law in Hollywood, I match the prosecution’s aggressive tactics with knowledgeable, comprehensive and assertive criminal defense. True telemarketing fraud often involves an individual misrepresenting himself or herself in attempt to sell fraudulent products, services, real estate timeshares or a fraudulent sweepstakes opportunity to the person on the other end of the conversation. Loan schemes and credit card telephone scams are among the most common types of Florida telemarketing fraud.

Unfortunately, individuals who may be under the impression they are offering a legitimate product or service, or who may simply be entangled in a business dispute can suddenly find themselves facing charges of telemarketing fraud.

A Former State Prosecutor Who Now Defends Clients

If convicted, the penalties are severe. This is no time to hire an inexperienced or cut-rate lawyer. You need an attorney who knows how these cases are built, and how to spot the weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument. My work as an assistant state attorney with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office allows me to accurately assess the strengths of the prosecution’s case and respond accordingly.

If necessary, I enlist the services of telemarketing professionals, business consultants and other specialists who can testify on your behalf. While I am always prepared to go to trial to defend a client’s rights, I also have extensive experience in negotiations, and I have a strong record of producing positive client outcomes without the need to litigate.

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