Simply the best!!!

I haven’t had a great deal of experience with lawyers or legal issues in general. Needless to say I was very nervous when life brought me to a point where I needed to seek legal representation. When I first met David he was able to perceive this in me and put me at ease right away . One thing I appreciated the most was the fact that he didn’t sugar coat the facts of the case. He gave me worst case scenarios and best case scenarios. He advised me to the best courses of action in all possible outcomes of various situations. Furthermore he always made me feel comfortable to contact for whatever reason I needed. He never specified a certain time. He said whenever I needed him to call. My next point might be different for each person but I felt his fees were pretty reasonable. He always seems willing to work with you and I never got the feeling that was his primary concern. It’s because of these facts that I plan to retain David and I have retained him as my primary attorney and I can definitely say that if you’re having legal issues which are within the scope of his legal expertise you just can’t go wrong.

– Clyde, a Business client (5 star review)

Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Magilligan works tirelessly to fully investigate his client’s cases and defends his clients to the fullest extent of the law. Further Mr. Magilligan displays the highest ethics and sound judgement when representing his clients. Mr. Magilligan is an aggressive and effective attorney.

– DUI client (5 star review)

David E. Magilligan Review.

David E. Magilligan handled my case in extremely timely manner. I was arrested for a possession ticket. As soon as I had contacted him he had me meet with him that same week. Within the week he had gotten ahold of me to tell me what was going on and my possible steps that I could take. I went with his best suggested course. He has been nothing but a great lawyer, person and friend to me and my family. He has been to every court date I have had even though he did not to be with me to them. I can say having him to defend me was one of my greatest choices because most lawyers wouldn’t take their time to come to court dates like I have. I would recommend him and have to anyone that was looking for representation.

– Amrit., a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

great criminal attorney

I was wondering to get deported, but true my attorney my charges were reduced and now I’m able to stay in this country. I completely trust and recommend him.

– Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

Although not proud of my action, I was proud of my decision to hire Mr. Magilligan to represent me.

Mr. Magilligan with his knowledge of the judicial system provided me with excellent representation, and obtained a deal for me that was hard to turn down. Although I made a horrible mistake, Mr. Magilligan help me in not allowing it to ruin my future. I am so grateful to had hire him in my case.

– John, a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

Amazing Job

I would recommend Mr. David Magilligan to anyone. He did a great job in advising & helping me, I immediately felt comfortable after my very first meeting and was treated with respect to make a very stressful period of my live bearable. he fully explained to me each step of the process of the case and answered all of my many questions and concerns. At the end i didn’t have to serve any time in prison.


From the moment I met David I trusted him as if I’d known him my whole life!!!!! He is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled attorney. Couple that with his incredible people skills and you have a top notch lawyer. Put it this way…the prosecutor pulled me aside after my last court date and said “you’ve got a great attorney”. That is pretty much it in a nut shell…say no more!


I was referred to David Magilligan by a very good friend and told he was as both a professional and skilled lawyer. I will confirm that David Magilligan is extremely professional and skilled. I would without hesitation highly recommend David Magilligan to anyone who wants best-in-class representation, professional legal guidance, and results. Thank you again Mr. Magilligan for your support.

A friend referred me to attorney David Magilligan, who was described as both a professional and skilled lawyer.

A friend referred me to attorney David Magilligan, who was described as both a professional and skilled lawyer. Upon completion and result of my case, I completely agree with this assessment. I would highly recommend Mr. Magilligan to anyone who wants first-class representative and results. And thanks again Mr. Magilligan for all your help and knowledge.

I was arrested, and thought it was the end of the world

I was arrested, and thought it was the end of the world. David Magilligan not only went to see me in jail got me out the same night. His knowledge and experience in law gave me the upper hand in court as well as peace of mind that it is not the end of the world. Thanks Mr. Magilligan.