Case Studies

Criminal Defense

Sexual battery case not filed by State Attorney’s Office. Client was arrested for sexual battery. The clients had major concerns due to the fact that they were not a US citizen. Prior to the case being filed Magilligan Law contacted the State Attorney’s Office to discuss deficiencies with the case and reasons why it should not be filed. The State Attorney Office ultimately declined to filed charges.

Successful reduction of charge from Felony Battery to misdemeanor. Client was in his last year of medical school and was charged with a felony. A felony conviction would have prevented the client from becoming a licensed physician. Magilligan Law pointed out to the State Attorneys Office that alleged victim had no independent recollection of the events based on a statement he gave the police. The victim was able to resolve the case with a misdemeanor.

Client acquitted by Jury. Client was accused of battery. Allegations were client hit alleged victim with car and then proceeded to hit alleged victim with a baton. Successfully argued self defense to jury who came back with a verdict of not guilty.

Immigration Law

We successfully tried a 212(c) waiver case with the immigration court. Client had been a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States for more than two decades. He was arrested and convicted in Federal Court in 1990 for a serious firearm offense. Client was placed in immigration proceedings at the port of Miami upon return from a cruise. Our team successfully argued that client deserve 212(c) relief. His green card was returned and our client is now enjoying the benefits of been a legal permanent resident of the United States.

We successfully represented a young Central American lady who fled her home country with her minor child. Our client had been a victim of domestic violence. The perpetrator was the father of her child. The abuser had been killed by the gangs in their home country. Our team successfully argued that our client deserve to be granted political asylum as the victim of domestic violence and that even though the abuser was not longer alive his family could still harm and persecute our client.

Our client was granted Legal Permanent Resident Status concurrently with a waiver from his convictions. Client entered the United States without inspection as a teenager. His father had filed a family petition for him many years ago. He subsequently married a United Citizen wife and had multiple children. Client had a long list of encounters with the law. Our legal team successfully argued with the immigration judge that our client had learned from his mistakes and was productive member of society who deserve the chance of being a Resident of the United States.