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If you have been charged with driving under the influence, known as DUI, it is important to get in contact with a reliable DUI law firm as soon as possible. In Hollywood, Florida, driving with too high of a blood alcohol content in your system is viewed as a devastating offense. If you are arrested, you can expect to face extremely high fines and fees, and potentially lengthy time spent in jail. The consequences can be even longer lasting than you realize, as the prosecution often attempts to have your driving license suspended or revoked, and it is very difficult to have your criminal record ever erased.

The optimum way of avoiding these consequences is by having our dedicated Hollywood DUI lawyers. Here at Magilligan Law, our DUI lawyers are determined to help you have your charges reduced, or even dismissed altogether. When the rest of your life is on the line, the time to act is now.

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How DUI Probable Causes Work in Florida

If a person has been pulled over for an apparent DUI charge and ends up failing their test for the legal limit of alcohol in their blood (known as a BAC test), this does not mean that they should plead guilty. In many scenarios, our knowledgeable, skilled criminal defense attorneys have been able to demonstrate that the law enforcement officers making the arrest did not follow the appropriate procedures. Police officials are supposed to uphold the highest standards of the law, and if they do not have probable cause against a citizen, the entire case could get tossed out.

Some examples of probable DUI cause include behaviors like:

  • Reckless speeding
  • Ignoring traffic lights and yield signs
  • Driving carelessly and erratically
  • Drifting in lanes or swerving
  • Getting involved in an accident

If you have not displayed these behaviors, and an officer in Hollywood, Florida, pulls you over they cannot then decide to arrest you under their suspicion that you might be driving under the influence.

Extensive DUI Consequences

Many people know that a criminal charge is a serious matter, but this is especially the case for driving under the influence. If you are convicted with a DUI, there is a lot more involved than just paying a fine or going to jail for a few months. For the rest of your life, you could be carrying a stained record that will prevent you from getting a job, obtaining a mortgage, having custody over your children, or even volunteering in your community. When people see that you were drunk driving with alcohol in your system, they automatically assume you are too reckless to be a contributing member of society. Do not rest until you gain powerful advocacy.

Fighting Your DUI Charges in South Florida

Here at Magilligan Law, our Hollywood drunk driving attorneys want you to know that there is still hope after you have been charged with a DUI. We are ready to carefully examine the evidence to look for holes or gaps in witness testimonies, scrutinize police reports, and review video from traffic cameras. In certain instances, we can even file a pretrial motion that requests the Florida court suppress evidence when it has been illegally obtained. In situations like this, charges can be completely dismissed.

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