While no lawyer can guarantee the outcome of your immigration case, with a strong immigration lawyer on your side, you have the best chance of achieving your desired results. At Magilligan Law, we have extensive experience with immigration cases and specialize in three particular areas of this legal field.

Deportation Defense

Deportation proceedings or removal proceedings are those in which the U.S. government attempts to remove someone without lawful immigration status from the United States. There are also those cases in which an individual does have lawful immigration status but has violated criminal or immigration law and thus faces the same deportation or removal proceedings.

Reasons for the proceedings often have to do with marriage fraud, overstaying a visa, violating protective orders, providing false or inaccurate documentation, or not complying with a visa in some other way. In these situations, you always have the right to an attorney. Our team at Magilligan law will offer you a strong deportation defense.

Affirmative Asylums

Like other areas of immigration law, the process of affirmative asylum can be particularly complicated. Claiming asylum in the United States is a right available to those in certain difficult situations; however, the process itself involves multiple steps, and carrying out any part of the process the wrong way can end in being deported back to the difficulties you faced in your home country.

Our team of immigration lawyers can help you claim asylum in the United States. We will help you prepare your application and documentary package and assist you for your interview with an asylum officer.

Family Immigration

If you are a permanent resident/holder of a Green Card or if you are a United States citizen, you have the right to provide family-based immigration to certain family members. The litigation surrounding these proceedings can be complicated, however. You often need to know how to obtain certain visas, and minimum requirements must be met.

In general, family immigration law can be extremely complex. Help from an attorney who specializes in family immigration can make the proceedings much more efficient and fluid. You may have rights you never realized, and an immigration attorney can help you take full advantage of the rights and services that are available to you and your family members.