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    Felony Domestic Violence Lawyers in Hollywood, FL

    Protecting Clients and Getting Their Charges Reduced or Dismissed

    Florida is known for its stringent laws against domestic violence. These laws act as a safeguard to protect innocent victims from being harmed by a household member. However, prosecutors’ zealous efforts to penalize those guilty of domestic violence often result in unfair convictions, which devastate the lives of individuals and their families.

    A domestic violence conviction can result in jail time, hefty fines, and a criminal record that can make it impossible to get a job or retain custody of your children. Aggravating factors, such as alcohol abuse or using a deadly weapon while committing domestic abuse, can result in felony charges that are even more severe, leading to years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Those falsely accused may have to endure this suffering because of the false allegations by a family member.

    If you are facing a domestic violence allegation, you need to take immediate action to protect your legal rights and avoid the consequences of a conviction. A felony domestic violence attorney like those at our law office can help you prove your case, reach a plea bargain, and get the positive results you need. Even being charged with abuse in Florida can have a lasting negative impact. Act today to defeat your charges and reinstate your reputation by calling our legal team. We offer a free, confidential 15 minute consultation, so call today at 954-833-1454.

    How is Domestic Violence Defined in Florida?

    One of the most important parts of fighting a criminal conviction is understanding the nature of the charges brought against you. If you are accused of domestic violence, you may wonder what you even did to deserve such charges. If your ex-spouse is angry with you and trying to win a custody battle, they could have brought the charges for something that didn’t even happen. Reach out to our experienced team of attorneys for help understanding your charges and constructing a felony domestic violence defense.

    Domestic Violence Definition

    Domestic violence includes a variety of actions that involve harming or threatening to harm another person who lives in the same home. For example, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual battery are all considered domestic violence if they are committed against a family member or roommate. Some examples of relationships that could qualify as domestic abuse include parents, children, siblings, a domestic partner with whom you reside, and a roommate.

    Felony Domestic Violence

    Certain aspects of your domestic violence charge may bump up the charges from a misdemeanor to a felony. For example, using a deadly weapon or committing an act that would otherwise be classified as a felony. Some examples include harming someone with the intent to kill or commit another felony. Aggravated battery and stalking may also be considered felonies in Florida. To defeat your charges, you need to speak with a felony domestic violence lawyer right away.

    What Are the Penalties for Felony Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence, including domestic battery and child or spousal abuse, is heavily punished in the Sunshine State. Individuals guilty of a violent crime, including women, may face severe charges and penalties if convicted.

    A felony domestic violence charge that leads to conviction can result in the following actions:

    • Years in federal prison
    • Up to $5,000 in fines
    • Years on probation
    • A restraining order that prevents you from seeing your loved ones
    • Mandatory anger management classes (at your expense)
    • Loss of professional licensure
    • Difficulty finding employment in the future because of the criminal record in your background check

    If you are facing charges for a felony domestic violence offense, you need immediate help from knowledgeable attorneys. We can help you navigate the complex legal proceedings in Florida and defend yourself, avoiding maximum sentencing. Call now to schedule your free consultation.

    What Defenses Can I Use to Avoid a Domestic Violence Conviction?

    Many people don’t take adequate action to fight their charges when it comes to domestic violence charges. Hiring a lawyer is an excellent place to start, as they can give you advice based on your unique situation. Your attorney can also investigate to provide evidence of what really happened. A lawyer can identify ways your rights were violated to get you reduced charges. Finally, you need help from an attorney in a domestic violence case to provide counsel on how to defend yourself against your charges.

    Some examples of a felony domestic violence defense that are effective in fighting abuse charges include:

    • Self-defense – You may avoid a serious conviction by explaining that you were under attack and acting in self-defense.
    • Defense of someone else – If your actions were intended to protect another person from harm, you may avoid sentencing for domestic abuse.
    • False allegations – You may also be a victim of false accusations when it comes to domestic violence charges. Your lawyer can help uncover evidence to prove you are not guilty of abuse against a family member.

    Should You Hire Our Felony Domestic Violence Attorneys?

    Facing criminal allegations can be terrifying and is even more severe when the alleged crime occurred against a family member. You could face difficulties finding work, maintaining a relationship with your children, and living your life as you’d like. Whether the alleged abuse was physical, emotional, or psychological, our attorneys can help fight your charges.

    We have extensive knowledge of the Florida legal system based on decades of combined experience. We will stop at nothing to uncover the truth about what happened and will defend you vigorously both inside and outside the courtroom.

    You have too much at stake to risk defending yourself or using an attorney who won’t stand by your side. Reach out to Magilligan Law right away at 954-833-1454 to schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation and learn how our dedicated team of attorneys can help.