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    Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyers in Hollywood, FL

    Protecting Clients from Unfair Sentencing and Helping Them Preserve Their Freedom

    A marijuana possession charge in Florida may seem like a minor matter, but this drug-related crime can have serious negative consequences socially, professionally, and in many other ways. If you are found guilty of possession of marijuana, you could face first-degree misdemeanor charges if you are charged with simple possession of a small amount of cannabis. However, your marijuana case could bring severe criminal charges if your prosecutors prove possession of more than 20 grams. These charges could lead to criminal penalties of a third-degree felony, including up to five years in prison and fines of up to $5,000.

    Whatever drug crimes you have been accused of, you need an attorney who can provide an excellent criminal defense. A marijuana possession lawyer can help craft a defense that introduces doubt as to whether you had actual or constructive possession of cannabis. Your criminal defense lawyer can also protect your rights to get a felony possession charge lowered or dismissed, preventing you from facing maximum sentencing and a criminal record that could haunt you for years.

    When you are facing drug crime charges, you can reach out to the criminal defense lawyers at Magilligan Law. We can help defeat your marijuana offense charges, protect your driver’s license, and keep you from facing unfair sentencing for your alleged marijuana crimes. Call now for the legal counsel you need in a no-risk confidential consultation. We offer free 15-minute initial case reviews, so you have nothing to lose. Contact our law firm right away at 954-833-1454.

    What Charges Typically Come with Marijuana Possession in Florida?

    Because marijuana is legal in many states, some people think that marijuana charges are a minor legal matter. However, Florida law considers marijuana to be a Schedule I drug, meaning it is grouped with some of the most highly addictive and strictly regulated drugs in the state. Constructive or actual possession of less than twenty grams of marijuana can lead to cannabis charges as a first-degree misdemeanor, with actual possession considered as having the drugs on your person and constructive possession meaning the drugs were easily accessible in your home or car.

    Some additional issues to consider are whether you have aggravating factors involved in your case, such as possession of drug paraphernalia, or if you were caught trafficking cannabis. Additionally, you could face more severe charges if you were driving under the influence or using drugs in a drug-free zone, such as a school. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand your charges and negotiate a settlement known as a pretrial diversion that minimizes your sentencing. We have represented clients in many drug-related cases, so you can count on our legal team for the help you need.

    What Is the Sentencing for a Marijuana Possession Conviction in Hollywood, FL?

    According to Florida law, cannabis is grouped with other extremely dangerous drugs, such as heroin and ecstasy. For this reason, the consequences of a conviction for mere possession of cannabis can be devastating. Some examples of sentencing for misdemeanor possession include up to one year of jail time and $1,000 in fines. However, if you are facing a criminal charge for trafficking marijuana or another felony, you could face a maximum penalty of 5 years of imprisonment and up to $5,000 in fines.

    Aside from the legal penalties that come with a conviction, you should also remember the lifelong consequences of misdemeanor or felony possession of marijuana. For example, you could lose professional licensing, making it impossible for you to pursue the career you desire. You may find it hard to get any job since potential employers will see your criminal record. You could also suffer socially because of the stigma that comes with drug crimes. Your family relationships could also be weakened as you will struggle to keep custody of your children in a divorce.

    How Can I Fight My Marijuana Possession Charges?

    Facing criminal charges for cannabis-related crimes can be scary, but you should remember that you have legal options. Speaking to criminal defense lawyers like those at Magilligan Law is an excellent step toward protecting your rights and ensuring you do not receive the maximum sentencing for drug possession. Your criminal lawyer can advise you on interacting with police officers to present a good image and avoid accidental self-incrimination. An attorney can help provide evidence that makes it difficult for the prosecution to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Some examples of defenses that can be used against cannabis charges include:

    • You were not aware of what the drug was
    • You intended to dispose of the drugs legally
    • The drugs belonged to someone else
    • Illegal search and seizure
    • Your rights were violated during the investigation or trial period

    You can count on our law firm to help you develop the necessary defense to avoid maximum sentencing in your marijuana possession case.

    Should You Hire Our Marijuana Possession Defense Attorneys?

    When you are charged with possession of a controlled substance or an illegal drug like marijuana in Florida, you could face hefty fines and devastating criminal charges. You could even lose your driver’s license and find it challenging to find a place to live or get a job. However, our team of attorneys will be there to fight for you and protect your freedom.

    At Magilligan Law, we see each client as a valued individual who is much more than the criminal charges they face. We can help you get a hardship license, defend your constitutional rights, and work tirelessly to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

    If you have been found in possession of marijuana, please take these charges seriously. Call 954-833-1454 now for a free consultation with our compassionate, skilled legal team to learn more about how we can help.