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Types of Sexual Crimes in Florida

The state of Florida places some of the most stringent penalties for sex-related crimes, including extensive fines and long prison terms. There is a wide range of behaviors listed as sex crimes in the state of Florida, but even if a certain kind of sexual offense is not specifically mentioned, it can often fit under one of the many other categories. Due to our extensive experience, our devoted attorneys are able to provide powerful representation, no matter what offense someone is claiming you did.

In the state of Florida, some of the sex crimes that are most commonly prosecuted by the court system include cases that involve:

  • Child pornography
  • Child molestation
  • Rape and sexual battery
  • Molestation of a lascivious or sexual nature
  • Battery of a sexual nature
  • Statutory rape
  • Revenge pornography
  • Date rape
  • Gang rape or group rape
  • Indecent public exposure
  • Solicitation
  • Solicitation on the internet
  • Prostitution
  • Having a sexual relationship with a minor or forcing a minor to perform lewd acts
  • Refusing to get registered as a sex offender

Once a defendant completes their time, they will be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives, which makes it nearly impossible to find a job, rent or buy property or a house, or receive a professional license. Those convicted of a sex crime often lose custody of their children, as well as close relationships with friends or family. To avoid these terrible consequences, reach out to our Hollywood sex crime lawyers immediately.

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Sex Offender Registration

Facing the horrible sentence of prison as a convicted sex criminal is terrible enough, but the severe penalties do not end when one’s incarceration time is finally fulfilled. In the state of Florida, every single person who has allegedly committed a sexual crime is forced to register as a sex offender in their neighborhood, no matter the severity or type of sex crime. This registration makes it impossible to attempt to get your life back to normal.

Few landlords or realtors will even consent to renting or selling a home to a sex offender, and employers and places of education will refuse to allow you to work or study there. You will not even be allowed to travel or pass by certain locations, such as schools, and even accidental trespassing can result in another mark on your record. To avoid these disastrous consequences, it is important to seek advocacy right away with our dedicated Hollywood sex crime lawyers. We are ready to defend your rights and scrutinize the supposed evidence for careless mistakes or illegal law enforcement procedures.

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